Colombian-born, Miami-based fashion designer Daniela is no stranger to the fast-paced life that is the fashion world. Her studies, career, and personal blog have allowed her to shape and share her distinct vision with others for years. Making it seem easy with a sparkling personality and unstoppable drive.

Natalia is based out of Medellin, Colombia, where she studied Business and Marketing. She has a natural ability to express her personal style and a love for all things fashion business. Combining her skills came instinctively when embarking on this new adventure.

Working together, they bring to life their mutual love for fashion, swimwear, and their distinctive vision for confident women through King Dogma. Designs with a touch of androgyny to empower and insist that every King Dogma woman is a KING herself. Constantly inspired by their personal travels and modern-day ideas such as feminism, their creations reflect their experiences and efforts to bring a new aesthetic to their customers.