King Dogma is a new and exciting Latin inspired luxury swimwear with an universal approach in philosophy and design.

Our muse feels empowered by the essence of “The Real Affair”;  one that while smart, seductive, magnificent, and sophisticated, dares to be a KING; a ruler and a leader with a rebel within, striving for individuality, happiness and a well-balanced life,  but always willing to sin a little and have some fun!

Manufactured in Colombia with the highest standards of quality, beautiful hi-tech fabrics, unique original prints and delicate details and trims; our collections are tastefully designed for the Modern Woman with styles that range from the timeless to the avant garde, yet keeping our vision and the heart of the brand’s unique signature aesthetic and a quest for the exquisite and the exotic in every piece.

Long-time friends and Colombian entrepreneurs Daniela and Natalia founded KING DOGMA in 2016 with the purpose of introducing a bold and elevated concept to the modern swimwear market. Their undisputable mantra as their dogma is to empower and break the boundaries of femininity by designing for a clientele with a strong self identity and to make a statement in contemporary silhouettes.